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Exhibitions in the memory of Mór Than and Károly Than,
the famous scientist and the artist

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Interactive Science Park

In the Memorial House "Than" are 28 interactive scientific toys–exhibits. While playing with the exhibits, one can learn about various phenomena from the field of physics and natural sciences in a fascinating way.

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Art gallery

The art gallery of the Memorial House is a combination of many different aspects: artistic value, didactics, local history, history in general and history of science and culture make the criteria along which the exhibition has been established.

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Portrait Gallery

Among portraits of famous persons from Becej there are paintings of well-known artists, which certainly add to the enjoyable atmosphere of the classes held in the Memorial House – while these classes are in part devoted to the topic of local history.

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  • How does the rotating wheel overcome gravity, since while whirling, its axis is leaning and it is underpinned only in one point?
  • Thе our eyes make an upside-down image of the world and during the first months of our lives human brain learns that the image created by our eyes has to be turned.
  • In the mirror everything seems "reverse" − at least as far as right and left side are concerned. However, directions up and down do not change, so we may question, how does the mirror "know" what is vertical direction?


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• Exhibitions in the memory of Mór Than and Károly Than, the famous scientist and the artist
• 27 interesting interactive games
• SNumberless illustrations
° Demonstrators are ready to help you any time