Visitors of the Memorial House enter the building on their own responsibility.
Visitors need to have tickets and keep to the House Rules.
Every single visit to the building of the Memorial House is registered.
Only valid tickets will be accepted, so make sure that you have them, if you want to enter the Memorial House, our lectures or programs. There are some exceptions, of course, since we have programs for free, too.
Children under the age of 6 can use our devices only under the supervision of their parents or their teacher! Entrance is free for children.
Our programs for adults are not recommended for pre-school children (under the age of 6). Even in case of some programs for children, it is reasonable to take into consideration recommendations concerning age.
Please show your tickets bought in advance at your arrival, since we are not able to accept them later on.
The Memorial House keeps the right to cancel its programs.
Ticket refunds are possible only in case of cancelled programs.
There is no way to replace lost, destroyed or ruined tickets.
Using cell-phones or other devices that may disturb the ongoing program is prohibited.
Except for guide-dogs, bringing animals to the Memorial House is not allowed. Weapons or objects that may look like weapons, any object or material that poses a threat to life, bodily harm or health are forbidden on the territory of the Memorial House.
Vehicles are forbidden in the building (e.g. bicycle, scooter, motor, rollerblades, skateboard, etc.).
Food and drinks are not allowed to bring in and consume.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Memorial House.
Persons under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs are not allowed to enter the building, even if they have their tickets. Members of security service staff have the right to ask these persons to leave the building. After first warning, they may take out the person or persons who disturb the program, and if needed, they call the police.
Violence, bluster, fight, endangering others are not acceptable behaviour in the Memorial House.
Visitors should use the rooms of the Memorial House according to their function, and keep neatness and order.
Devices, equipments and the exhibited material should be used according to the rules and instructions. Deconstructing and damaging the exhibition material is strictly forbidden. Please put back the parts of the devices to their place after finishing the game.
The Memorial House does not take responsibility for objects of value lost on the territory of the Memorial House. For this reason, please, do not bring jewelry or other valuable objects in the Memorial House. Your personal things you may leave in the safes in the dressing room.
Every visitor should do everything in their power to protect their own soundness, as well as the life and health of others and the property of the Memorial House and its visitors, while the building, equipment and devices should be used carefully, too.
In case of emergency (e.g. natural disaster, fire, bomb alert, etc.) visitors should follow the instructions of the employees of the Memorial House, and act according to the directions of the evacuation plan of the building.
Actions of the employees of the Memorial House are obligatory regarding visitors.
If you notice any unusual happening, please inform the employees about it.
Photos and videos made by the visitors or the employees of the Memorial House are the property of the Memorial House, the appearance of these in any medium is the exclusive right of the Memorial House.
By accepting the House Rules, visitors approve the use of their photos and videos made in the Memorial House, even if this was not asked in advance – in accordance with the law about personal rights – and no material requests can be made afterwards.

These are the House Rules. The visitor who violates these rules, after warning can be forbidden to enter the building for a while or permanently, and an official process may be initiated against them. The person, who violates the Rules or - in case of children - the person, who accompanied them is responsible for any harm and damage done by the violation of the House Rules. If the violation of House Rules is an act against the law, too, the person who violated them or the supervisor of the child is responsible according to the law and they will bear possible legal sanctions.

Keep to the House Rules - this is our common interest. We kindly ask our guests to help our work this way.

We are open to suggestions or advices.
You may leave your notes in our Guestbook!