The art gallery of the Memorial House is a combination of many different aspects: artistic value, didactics, local history, history in general and history of science and culture make the criteria along which the exhibition has been established. Among portraits of famous persons from Becej there are paintings of well-kown artists, which certainly add to the enjoyable atmosphere of the classes held in the Memorial House – while these classes are in part devoted to the topic of local history. This aspect is obvious when one looks at the historic pageants painted by Mór Than, the portraits of historic figures and the altar pictures of Vojvodinian churches. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is opportunity for contemporary artists to present their work, while there are different exhibitions that are organized by the Than Brothers' Circle of Intellectuals in cooperation with other organizations and institutions. There is a park of sculptures in the yard, where statues of famous researchers and artists are placed, as well as sculptures of contemporary artists designed for open space.